Who is a CHO?

You are a leader and manager of your home!

A Chief Household Officer (CHO) leads and manages her household and family like an entrepeneur does a business. For some of us, being a CHO is a solo project (whether by choice or default). Others have a co-CHO that helps along the way. In either situation, being a CHO can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.


You've Got This!

A CHO works on simplifying, prioritizing and managing her home in a way that aligns with her values for her sanity and ability to breathe more freely. These skills and tools don’t always come naturally for us, but now there is support for the mom who is ready to enjoy motherhood and her home again. It is an amazing feeling when you start to implement what you learn in The CHO Academy courses and you see the benefits immediately!

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YOU are a GREAT mom! Now you can be a great CHO too!

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