From Tears to Empowerment

I knew I wanted to experience life as a stay at home mom to raise my daughter as soon as I became pregnant. It was an easy decision for me growing up with a stay at home mom, and my husband and I sat down and created a plan to make sure it could happen. I left my private practice as a counselor when my first daughter was born and began the journey of figuring out how to take care of this precious life in front of me as a stay at home mom. It didn’t take long in the beginning, though, for me to start to become bored AND also feel super overwhelmed. Little did I know the journey of self-discovery I was about to go on!

My Life as a Stay at Home Mom

Each day I struggled to share with my husband when he came home from work what I had done that day. It felt like I did a ton, but I had nothing to show for it. Isn’t it funny how easily we forget that taking care of our little one is a huge job but doesn’t always show an “achievement” on a day to day? However, my mindset was you can’t get a gold star if you have no work to show…or so I thought! This was my first big mental block in my life as a stay at home mom.

From Tears to Empowerment

Then came the days where I would cry to my husband. I would tell him that I felt like I was losing my brain. I remember saying, “I am a masters level clinician! Why can’t I remember things or even get simple tasks done?!?” Most of the time when my husband listens to me cry about something he tries to fix it and that always most of the time frustrates me. This time, though, was different. His suggestion changed everything.

My husband knew how to fix my frustration and overwhelm, and he was right…..yep, I said it. He knew what I needed in that moment and immediately shared, “You need a title. How about we call you the family Chief Household Officer or CHO for short?” And that is where the journey began. I stopped calling myself a stay at home mom because that title didn’t fit everything I needed to do outside of being a mom.

My Life as a Chief Household Officer

It took me over three years and a move from the USA to Germany to figure out what it fully meant to be a Chief Household Officer. It finally clicked when I stopped trying to make it look like a 1940’s housewife. I recognized that I already had the skills and abilities from my work and education experience to rock this new title but had been going about it the wrong way. So, I began reading books that entrepreneurs read for their businesses but with the intent to apply it to taking care of a home and family. This is when the old mental blocks were lifted!

tears to empowerment quote

You see, I had already started two businesses and knew the foundation of being an entrepreneur but never realized how much it was like life as a stay at home mom. I started talking to mom friends about what I was reading and how I was applying it to my day to day routine. Things started to click for them too as I shared about how to lead and manage a home with this new mindset. This was too good not to share with other moms. It was time for me to create a program out of this revelation. I wanted to support other moms in regaining self-confidence and empowering them to be the women they want to be as Chief Household Officers.

The From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer® Program

The coolest part of the journey in creating this program has been talking to and working with moms from all over the world. At first, I was surprised at how many women felt the same way as me. These were women from North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia…not just moms in my local play group. This is huge to recognize!

This isn’t a “in my culture” thing at all. This is a struggle for moms internationally.

It's Not a _mom fail_ It's An area of improved.

Each day as a Chief Household Officer is a challenge, just like being an entrepreneur. Getting to watch so many women work towards being happier and stronger in their lives motivates me to keep pushing too! I would love to hear your story too. What drives you to improve how you experience being a Chief Household Officer? Have you felt lost in the mindless tasks and mundane days? Share with me below your experiences or shoot me an email at Let’s lift each other up!

Are you interested in learning more about being a stronger Chief Household Officer in your home? I invite you to take The Chief Household Officer Free Mini-Course and learn the mindset shift from life as a stay at home mom to becoming a Chief Household Officer and tools to start using today to be more productive. Find the course HERE.  

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