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It’s time for The Foundation Training to begin!

Join me April 15th and transform your experience at home to go from overwhelm to thriving!


Ready to learn the foundation to being a Chief Household Officer?

Get The Foundation Checklist to see how well you lead your home as a Chief Household Officer and ways The Foundation Training can improve your experience.

I have taken the first half of the From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer® and The Working Mom Chief Houshold Officer programs and created the ultimate, 30 day leadership training for YOU!

Learn how to:

  • Focus your time productively
  • Create a personal and family mission statement
  • Work on purposeful planning
  • Create a morning routine you want to wake up to
  • Find systems for meal planning, budgeting, and housework that make sense
  • Enjoy a balance of being productive and downtime
  • Create a list of self-care strategies that work

Get accountability and support from a licensed counselor, as well as past and current students of both the From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer® and The Working Mom Chief Household Officer programs.

“Katie’s personal approach and background as a therapist provided such valuable insight into what motivates us and how a few simple changes can make a world of difference.”
-Mandy, mom to a 14 year old and 14 month old

The Foundation Training teaches you the tools to have more control over the decisions you make each day, versus putting out fires constantly. You will be provided:

  • videos
  • podcast-style audio clips
  • workbook
  • accountability from fellow moms
  • one-on-one guidance from me, a licensed counselor, on the specific issues you are facing

This 30 day training will guide you in becoming the leader of your home and is proven to be tranformational.

Check out the testimonial page to read more about the changes moms have experienced in their lives from learning how to be stronger Chief Household Officers of their homes.

Check out The Foundation Checklist today and see if The Foundation Training coming in April is right for you.

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