Refining the Traditional Role of SAHM to Chief Household Officer

If you worked before becoming a SAHM, I bet you’ve probably had the same struggles as I did with this transition. I was so successful in the workplace but couldn’t seem to get it together as a SAHM. I think, as successful women, we start to beat ourselves up when things don’t come naturally to us. We are such high achievers! So even with the smallest mistakes – like forgetting the sippy cup for the third time this week-we see this as a huge fail. We get in our own way of seeing the real job we have as a Chief Household Officer.

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As I always say, it’s all about your perspective, and this is why we have to stop devaluing our work as SAHMs and begin to treat our home as if it is our workplace. So, if you’re feeling lost as a SAHM here are some things you can do to give yourself back control of your position in the home and begin to feel more empowered as a Chief Household Officer (CHO).

Create a Mission Statement for Your New Role

We know every workplace has a mission statement, and your home should be no different. Before creating a family mission statement, I want you to take some time to create a mission statement for your job as a Chief Household Officer. While we go through the day to day tasks and make decisions of what activities we fill our calendars with, it’s so great to have a mission statement to refer back to.


Base the statement around values that are important to you. Here are some questions to ask yourself as your working through this:

  • Why am I taking care of the home, and why is this so important to me?
  • Why am I doing things like meal planning ahead of time?

When my clients work through these questions many of them come up with the following:

  • Makes our lives simpler
  • Smarter with my resources
  • We’re not wasteful
  • Saves time

Doing this helps you get control back of your household and helps you to become more confident in your decision making.


Don’t Fight the Repetitive Household Tasks

Many women find household tasks monotonous and mundane because they are recurring tasks. And let’s be real, as soon as we clean the house it gets messy again before you can sit on the couch and prop your feet up for a job well done.

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Here’s the deal, every job has repetitive tasks. Many times in the workplace, paperwork and emails were the mundane part of our jobs. Household chores are not any different. So, if you’re struggling with this, brainstorm on how to make it more fun! As an example, if you need to fold a mountain of clothes – schedule it into your day and use it as a time for yourself.

Some quick ideas for what to do while folding laundry:

  • Listening to a podcast
  • Listening to an audiobook
  • Call a friend or family member on speaker phone
  • Put on your favorite music and crank up the volume!

Purposefully Plan Your Day as a Chief Household Officer

Purposeful planning is where you’re really aware of what you’re planning in your week and why, instead of just saying “yes” to everything. This is so important as often the day seems to get away from us, and we find that we didn’t check off the tasks on our list or feel that we spent quality time with our kids or spouse. Treat your day-to-day as you would in the workplace by creating a schedule – monthly, weekly, and daily. Add in the non-negotiables while keeping in mind your mission statement.


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At the end of the day, remember that whatever value you decide to give yourself in this new role is what matters and not what society, social media, or your extended family says. Your role as the Chief Household Officer is imperative to the success of your household and family. And even though this job may look different from your previous workplace settings, it’s important to use all of our skills that we learned to better manage the CHO position.

Comment below and tell me what is your least favorite chore and how you make it more enjoyable?


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