Top 3 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Household

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Motherhood is a tricky thing. You can read all the books and ask for all the advice, but nothing compares to bringing your baby home and realizing the magnitude of caring for a human being. That sweet baby becomes the center of your world, and everything takes a back seat, especially keeping up with the household!

I remember a couple of months after our daughter was born crying to my husband and confused why I couldn’t get it together. Why was I able to run a successful private practice, yet I couldn’t manage the household and care for our daughter?

I felt so defeated.

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From this place of utter despair and overwhelm came  my new title, Chief Household Officer, CHO. I began to take back control of the household by taking concrete steps. 


Here are my top 3 ways to take back control of your household:

top 3 ways to take back control of your home

Own Your Home

As the Chief Household Officer of your family, you need to dig deep and hone in on your leadership skills. You have to stop putting out the fires and begin to be more proactive in your life instead of reactive. I know we all can agree that being reactive and trying to solve issues last minute takes so much more time and energy than if we had planned ahead of time.

Enlist Help

Doing everything on our own may work for a little while, but it isn’t sustainable. Not only should we get our spouse and kids involved, but more importantly, we have to communicate with them effectively. Here are some great ways to do this:

  • Have weekly family meetings to keep everyone updated on events and tasks.
  • Download a family app where you can store everyone’s to-do list.
  • Create a family calendar at home with everyone’s chores.

Having clear communication with the family ensures that everyone understands the importance of their role. It will also allow them to clearly see what specific tasks they are responsible for so there is less confusion and misunderstanding.

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I know, I know…some of you may be reading this and already dreading what I’m going to say next, but hear me out. There is a reason why decluttering and organization are such hot topics (hello, Marie Kondo). People are craving more simplicity and organization. If you try to keep your house clean without first decluttering, you’ll just be skimming the surface of cleaning, and you will continue feeling frustrated and defeated. You have to purposely plan and create a schedule of decluttering your whole house. Remember that you’re the boss, and you create the plan and schedule that works best for you. Add a fun element to the process by listening to some music, a podcast, or an audiobook!

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As you can see, mindset and strategy are crucial in taking back control of our household. Use these three strategies as the stepping stones to improving things around you. When you begin to treat your home as a business with a schedule, organization, and enlist help, you’ll be able to gain back control of your household!

Ready to move forward in leading and managing your home with more confidence? 

Take The Chief Household Officer Free Mini-Course and get practical tools to taking back control of your home today. 


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