Ready to lead and manage your home as a Chief Household Officer with a proven method that has helped moms internationally feel more confident at home?


The hours are endless, very few thank you’s, and no sick days. What type of job is this? I like to call it being a Chief Household Officer. Basically you are the entrepreneur of your home!

The Chief Household Officer Academy is for you if you know there is a better way to keep things organized and planned but struggle to take the first step. Let’s be real, when do you have the time? It’s hard when you’re putting out fires all day long!



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What if I told you the fires will slowly become fewer and smaller as you work through the courses in The Chief Household Officer Academy? Seems to good to be true, but it isn’t. I, along with over 60 moms from around the world, have experienced the difference in the last year that these program brings as soon as you start to put the tools you learn into action. 

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“I have tried for years to apply the techniques that made me successful in life and business to running a home and this program was the zoom lens I needed to really make it click.”
– Genevieve, mom to a 21 month old very busy boy

In a traditional workplace if you needed to improve your skills, you would attend workshops, seminars, or programs, right?
Why not do the same as a Chief Household Officer?

After all, it’s NOT a “mom fail” when you forget something or are not fully prepared for the day. It’s an area of improvement that can be made.

About Me

My name is Katie Rössler. I am a wife, mom, licensed therapist, and Chief Household Officer. I own Positive Connections where I help others improve their relationships and their lives. Before developing The Chief Household Officer Academy, I lost confidence in myself because I couldn’t figure out a balance between being productive at home and being a great mom. 


The crazy thing is I was beating myself up inside because the job seemed so “easy” from the outside and I had been successful in the working world before becoming a mom. Why wasn’t I figuring all this out right away?

I realized that once I changed the way I thought about my new job as a CHO it changed how I saw myself and how much I was able to get done. So, come join me on this journey of improving how we experience being a CHO and getting more done each day. It’s time that you take back control and feel like you again.

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